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After months of research and pro con lists, you’ve finally signed the contract with the best monitoring tool money can buy. You have the dashboard set up and ready to go, only to find that the data’s not helpful. In fact, it’s downright awful—irrelevant posts, spammy content and zero context. And that tag cloud? Not so insightful after all.

Now What?

No matter the tool, we’ll make your social media data more reliable (way more reliable).

Just how are you going to do that?

Here’s what our team of analysts, researchers and designers can help with:

Social Media Monitoring and Engagement

Even the best tools waste your time by making you sift through irrelevant posts. Unfortunately, we just can’t automate everything. Intelligent human analysis is still necessary to close the gaps, monitor trends and flag relevant alerts and opportunities for response (plus we have a handy brand dashboard that allows you to track which posts still require follow-up based on priority).

We put our clients at ease by providing them with accurate, timely information about their brands online. Relax—you’ve finally found the help you need.

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Social Media Insights

So, you’ve got a great big pile of conversation data in front of you. Valuable, right? Nope. Data without interpretation is useless. A “clip-book” with 10,000 articles means nothing if you don’t know the context around those articles. So here’s what we do:

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Unbiased Program Measurement

Everyone approaches measurement differently, depending on their programming, but this we know for sure:

We’ll guide you through the process to set relevant goals and create measurement points that matter to your program.

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Social Data Infographics

Our cultural research and infographics have been used by top media publications as well as niche outlets to enhance content for their readers. Whether you’re a brand looking for research and graphics to use for publicity or a media outlet looking for custom cultural research for your readers, we’ll work with you to create research and design that makes an impact. Here’s some work we’ve done in the past:

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Custom Social Research

Our analysts can help you pull together customized reporting from start to finish. Whether it’s a quick keyword snapshot or an in-depth industry report, our team can help answer your organization’s questions.

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